Extreme Couponing Tip: Cashier Profiling

To make couponing less stressful, try Cashier Profiling. Scout out friendly and easygoing cashiers, resulting in a more pleasant checkout experience. Many find that young male cashiers fit this description, but once you’ve shopped a store regularly, you’ll likely see who’s the best pick. Favorite cashiers are ones that are generally impressed by your coupon savings, and when you share a point of the coupon policy with them, they are more likely to accept it and want to learn more.

Some stores may regularly have only one or two cashiers, especially if you shop at odd hours. The best suggestion is to go during the regularly scheduled shift of your favorite cashier or when there are more checkers available. If this isn’t an option, try to be understanding. When cashiers closely examine each coupon, think on the positive side: fraudulent coupons are less likely to get by them. Always be as friendly as possible with store employees– remember that they’re people too, working hard to earn money. Everyone has off days, but if you run into consistent rudeness and belittling, take it up with the store manager or corporate. All people deserve to be treated with respect, including checkers and coupon-using customers.