I’m just so proud of my stashed away x-mas presents so i thought i would share. I purchased all of this in the past 4wks at walmart (they had a clearance extravaganza and everything was priced at 1.00,2.00 or 3.00 besides the monopoly game’s that were 6.00 which of coarse i used a 4.00 monopoly coupon on and got them for 2.00) also walgreens clearance toys, k-mart games (used doubled coupons) target clearance, kirklands (extra 50% off clearance sale) and gordmans (extra 50% off clearance sale). I have 6 more bags full of stuff but i have stashed it away so go not even i can find them:) lol I’m pretty sure its going to be a great x-mas and i’m going to let my kids pick there angel tree kids this year so that they can know that great feeling when you donate to family’s in need.

My grand total for EVERYTHING (even the missing bags) came to….73.00
thats what i would have spent on 3 angel tree kids in the past before i started couponing and knew the true meaning of a dollar 😉