As Clairee Belcher said in Steel Magnolias, "Our ability to accessorize is what separates us from the animals." A good pair of shoes is THE key accessory for any outfit. Take an ordinary t-shirt and jeans, for example, pair it with a great pair of shoes and WOW!

When I start talking about fabulous shoes, every woman assumes I mean high heels.  Hello? I have two little boys! In high heels I’d never be able to keep up with them. The solution: fashionable flats!  Flats can be just as amazing as high heels (not to mention, much more comfortable.) Having a few pairs of fantastic flats to slip on for everyday wear will give your wardrobe a boost without a whole lot of effort.

For those fashionably challenged or for those who just haven't discovered their inner fashionista yet, here are a few tips:

Go bright.
Especially in the spring and summer, having a pair of yellow or bright colored flats spruces up any outfit. It also updates winter basics to the new season without having to buy new clothes. These fabulously bright multi-colored shoes would spruce up any outfit for only $22.50.


Jewel tones. Jewel tones will never go out of fashion. Khaki slacks and white button up for work are classic; pair it with some emerald green flats and BAM! you belong on the streets of New York.  These velvet green flats, perfect for the winter, are just the solution for only $19.80.

Red shoes. My great-grandmother once told me that only 'ladies of the night' wear red shoes, but I have to disagree. Red IS fabulous. I suggest, when going red, to tone it down by picking a flat with a rounded toe, like a 'ballet' flat. The ballet style keeps the shoe from being over the top. Here’s the perfect example, a fabulous red nappa leather shoes with an adorable bow detail for only $20.70.

Black or Brown with detail
.  When choosing black or brown flats, choose a flat with a toe detail. A simple black flat is transformed into fabulous with a little grouping of pearls or flower on top of the toe. That detail peeking out from under a pair of boot cut jeans is timeless class. The flower on the toe of this shoe doesn't jump out at you, but it is an understated chic. For $17.15 it is fabulous.

 Animal print. While I wouldn't recommend an entire ensemble of various animal prints, a cute animal print shoe with jeans, a white t-shirt, and a blazer is an instant classic chic. Take these adorable snake print for only $14.95.

Great shoes do not have to be expensive. As every Krazy Coupon Lady knows, there are ways to find a deal. Many people are stunned at my shoe collection and think I spend big bucks. Appearances can be deceiving, my frugal fashionistas. Here are a few ways to update your wardrobe without hurting your wallet:

  • Never pay full price. Every shoe will eventually go on sale.
  • Buy Groupons/Living Social Coupons/etc. for websites like Don't forget to shop through Ebates or ShopAtHome when shopping online, either.
  • Know your size. Even if it's a great deal, if the shoe doesn't fit well it's a waste of money.
  • Know your style. If pointed toe flats hurt your feet and you're miserable wearing them, then don't buy them. Wear rounded toe flats instead.
  • Keep a shoe fund. Yes. I am suggesting you become Krazy Shoe Ladies as well as Krazy Coupon Ladies. Every month put a small amount of money into an envelope for your shoe fund. This way, when fabulous shoes go on sale for a fabulous price, you have the cash set aside. I have been able to afford Jimmy Choo shoes from Nordstrom Rack, and at discount store like Marshalls, because I had the cash set aside in my shoe fund. You never know when you will find a fabulous pair of shoes for a great price. Always be prepared.
  • Consider your shoes investments and take care of them. Clean frequently, store properly, and keep them out of the sun when not wearing them. Direct sunlight can cause fading.

It is amazing what a great pair of shoes will do to even the most simple of outfits. Great fashion shouldn't cost a fortune or take a lot of time. Shoes are the perfect way to express your creativity and personality.

This has been a guest post by Maggie from Chicago, IL
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