If you’re addicted to watching other coupon-addicts save ridiculous amounts of money at the grocery store, then turn on TLC now!  It’s an Extreme Couponing marathon in preparation for season 2’s premiere episode tonight at an all-new time 10/9c.

Although the show will always portray those on the extreme side of the couponing spectrum, I’ve been fairly pleased with the direction the show has taken since the first episode.  If you’ve been watching with me, you’ve also seen the changes: the new disclaimer (see above) that calls attention to coupon policies, more item-by-item explanation of some of the deals, plus extra coupon tips and takeaways for audiences at home–all great things!  I personally feel that the show is making attempts to bridge the gap between purely shock-value entertainment and a dry educational documentary.  It’s not all roses, though.  I’m sure you’ve all cringed along with me at the season 2 preview soundbite from a woman who says, “I’m a shelf clearer.  You shoulda beaten me to the store.”  We can’t win them all, girlfriends!  Even with at least one sour apple in the bunch, I expect that the majority of those featured on the show are responsible, savvy shoppers.   So I’ll be watching tonight’s episode (while eating my discount Kettle Corn) to see how the new season unfolds. And if you had any couponing to do, you might want to hurry over to the store before all the sweet little extreme coupon virgins hit stores tomorrow.  🙂