I remember thinking about all the things that I would teach my children even before they were born. I envisioned teaching them to smile, walk, talk, use the potty, ride a bike, and drive a car… The list could go on forever. I think this is the most powerful thing about being a parent–especially a mom. We, as moms, have the opportunity to enrich our children's lives and leave our legacy through them. Our ways become their ways, our beliefs and values become theirs too. The model that we provide them sets the foundation for the path that they will eventually take.

Never in my life did I think that part of what I would teach my children would be the result of my love for coupons! To me, couponing is so much more than cutting out those little pieces of paper each week. It was my children that taught me that couponing had become a part of who I was; who we were! I have modeled how to grocery shop, how coupons save us money, how to build a stockpile, and how to efficiently clip hundreds of coupons each week. But somewhere along the way, I realized that my love for the art of couponing has taught my children so much more. My little "hobby" has helped to mold my children into who they are today.

Just a few of my "coupon" lessons…

  • You have to learn to be flexible – Even though Minute Maid Pulp Free Orange Juice is your absolute favorite, it may not be on sale and Apple Juice was!
  • Sharing the wealth is always a must – Never wipe a shelf clean of an item even if it is a KILLER deal! You never know who else may be after the same item!
  • The gift of giving comes in all shapes and sizes – When you stumble upon a great find that you may not necessarily need, buying it and leaving a "care package" for your neighbor can be so rewarding!
  • Organization not only keeps us sane, it saves us time and money – Keeping your coupons organized, your shopping trips planned and detailed, and your budget intact will always keep you on your game!
  • Hard work ALWAYS pays off – Though clipping coupons takes time, visiting multiple stores can be exhausting, and sacrificing your favorite juice is frustrating, the trip to Disney World with the money we saved is worth it all in the end!

My love for couponing will forever be engrained in my children. I realize that I have done so much more for them than teach them how to save money. I have taught them values that will stick with them for their lifetime! I can't say that they are always thankful for my little "lessons"–the long trips to the grocery store, the many transactions at the register, or the loads of bags they carry into the house each week–but I hope that one day they will thank me!

This has been a guest post by Stacy from Grand Junction, CO
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