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“Another FREE toothbrush deal?”  
You sigh as you browse through the freebies on KCL.  “I’m already stocked and overflowing.  No reason to cash in on another toothbrush, right?  I mean how many toothbrushes does one person really need?” 

If you’re anything like me, this kind of dialogue has entered your mind at least once in your couponing career.  You’ve probably found yourself wondering how much of a certain item is enough.  Well, when it comes to toothbrushes, I’m convinced there’s never quite enough!

So, instead of letting those toothbrushes gather dust, get lost somewhere in your stockpile, or sit silently in the store ’cause you don’t need another free toothbrush, let me share with you how I put my many free (and old) toothbrushes to work!

One of the best “unknown” cleaning tools in EVERYONE’S house is: DRUM ROLL…….you guessed it…..the toothbrush! I use it to clean my teeth, of course, but there are a variety of other ways I use a toothbrush to clean around my house.

  1. In the kitchen…I keep an old toothbrush under the sink. I use it for getting the hard-to-get-to food residue out of baking dishes and pots and pans, especially around the inside tab area where the handle attaches to the pot. They also come in handy for cleaning the drip pans under the stove top burners, cleaning around the sink, deep cleaning the fridge and cleaning around the inside corners of the dishwasher (which, trust me, get pretty gross and are overlooked more often than not).
  2. In the laundry room…I keep an toothbrush in our laundry closet. I use it to rub in stain releaser or a baking soda and vinegar paste on stains.
  3. In the bathroom…Believe it or not, there is a toothbrush (or two) under the bathroom sink!  They come in real handy for cleaning all things bathroom. I use one to clean underneath the sink knobs–a sponge just doesn’t do justice!  I use one to clean the back of the toilet where the lid attaches. I also use one for cleaning hard water spots off of the shower faucets; it's tougher than a sponge but gentle enough that it doesn’t scratch.
  4. In the garage…They’re also good for cleaning the grooves and crevices of hub cabs and general deep cleaning inside your car.
  5. In…anywhere else that needs it…I’ve likewise used a toothbrush to clean dirt and dust out of our window tracks and mud off of shoes.

Toothbrushes are pretty much the best well-kept-cleaning-tool-secret out there.  So next time you’re wondering what to do with another free toothbrush or you’re about to throw out an old one, consider giving it a new life UNDER the sink next to the Windex and the Scrubbing Bubbles. It’s the best “free” cleaning tool you’ve ever had!

This has been a guest post by Stacie from Laramie, WY
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