Extreme Couponing Tip: Catalina Forecast

“How do I know which Catalinas will print out at the store?”

Catalinas (also called “Your Bucks”) can either be advertised or unadvertised. If they are advertised, you now can know the Catalina and its amount that will print after you make the stated qualified purchase. To find out the current Catalina promotions, visit Catalina’s website, www.CouponNetwork.com. There it will list the specific amount of the Catalina, the required purchases, the stores where it is available, and the promotion end date. Also check your store’s local ad flier for current Catalina promotions. Example: Buy 4 or more Dole Real Fruit Bites, receive a $2 off your next shopping trip.” Remember that Catalinas are valid on future purchases only. We also list current Catalina promotions weekly on the KCL website for Kroger, Albertsons, and Safeway and their affiliates.

Catalinas that are unadvertised are usually based on customer purchases (e.g. Buy Yobaby yogurt, receive a coupon for infant formula), upcoming promotions (store sales or future Catalinas), or coupons for local businesses (e.g. $19.99 Oil Change at the nearest Meineke). These cannot be guaranteed, but some may be probable, where many Krazy Couponers are reporting receiving it in a specific area or store.

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