All For free Today! No Shelves were cleared at all 🙂 Most is Going to My donation box that my kids give out
to the shelters every other month!

Got all from 2 different stores :
4x Scrubbing bubble kit $3.97each
used 4/ $4.00mq = Free with $0.12 overage
4x Old spice body wash- $0.97 each
used 4/$1mq – Free with $0.12 overage

used overages towards my sweet tea!

7x Nivea Lip care $1.00each
used 4/$1mq+1 $3.00/2mq (free)

6x U by kotex liners $1.00 each
Used 6/$1.00mq (free)

I was really suprise my walmart had tons of the scrubbing bubble deal! I went to target first to see if I can score the giftcard deals on the scrubbing bubble but it seems like they pulled it off the shelves. But they do still have that promotion going on,so Im going to check again tomorrow maybe they were just out,because it will be a MM at target 🙂