Who knew Construction Paper could be so cute! Here are some adorable ideas that will make your home Halloween-ready while leaving your wallet intact.

Bat Cutouts

All you need for this first decoration is black construction paper and tape.  Simply cut out spooky shapes of bats, cats or witches and tape on the inside of your lamp shades.  When you turn on the lamp, instant spookiness!  If you need a little help with creating the shapes, check out these templates.

Thanks, Dandee Designs 

Creepy & Cute Mice

I never thought that I would actually want mice in my house, but I guess there really is a first time for everything.  These mice are perfectly creepy for Halloween.  Once again, you'll need black construction paper and tape and the mice templates found here.   Simply cut out as many mice as you'd like in your home (ewww!), and tape them wherever you'd like.  I love the way they look on a staircase if you have one.