E-Books have been growing in popularity ever since Amazon.com announced the Kindle Reader. Knowledge is spreading about the affordability and accessibility of E-Books, but there are still many people who do not know why it is a great alternative to going to the store and picking up a paperback! It’s my belief that it is only a matter of time before the majority catches on. Let me be one of the first to share with you why this is such an awesome semi-secret: You can SAVE money!

  1. Buy Best Selling books at cheaper rates.
  2. Avoid shipping costs on your orders.
  3. Save your gas for when you need it–like going to Albertsons when they have Twice the Value Coupons!
  4. Join smashwords.com and browse their FREE E-books list


  • Save space. I am so grateful we live during a time when all our CDs and Books can be stored on small and simple devices, like Mp3 players and Kindles.
  • Save trees. We KCLs love stocking up on our toilet paper, so we have to think of creative ways to save the forest.
It’s so EASY! 

I thought I had to have a Kindle to view most E-books. Boy, was I wrong! I can just download the Kindle App to my PC for FREE, and then start sampling and purchasing instantly from Amazon.com. There is also a site I recommend called Smashwords, which is a one-stop-online-shop to download E-books to your preferred platform; meaning, if you don’t have a Kindle or a PC, you can still download E-books to your Android, iPhone, Nook, Ipad, and so on. Try it out!
  • Did someone say COUPONS?
 Yes, there is such a thing as E-Book coupons to redeem! A lot of Indie authors and publishing companies offer COUPON CODES to redeem at Smashwords. For instance, Breezy Reads is offering coupon code TG42G to receive 100% off of their newest release, The Riddles of Hillgate, expiring on Halloween. Wahoo! And it’s the perfect read for October, since it is a spooky mystery. Click here to redeem.

Happy E-Reading!

This has been a guest post by Molly.
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