Couponing with my sister…teaching her the art! She participates in an Adopt a Soldier program, so the majority of this is to load up care packages to send overseas! Of course the baby items are for me! lol

10 Angel Soft toilet paper
41 Dawn dishwashing liquid
2 Gain dishwashing liquid
2 Gain dryer sheets
13 Crest toothpaste
13 Oral B dental floss
11 Oral B toothbrushes
6 Suave body wash
1 All laundry detergent
1 two-pk sippy cups
2 Chex mix Treat bars
2 Gerber Lil’ Meals
19 Planters Peanuts (husband ate two prior to picture)
2 Bic pens, twelve pack
40 Tide detergents
1 baby sleeper
1 Huggies diaper
1 Dial lotion
1 Idahoan Potatoe
4 Beechnut Toddler Snacks
Gallon of milk (not pictured)
2lbs hamburger (not pictured)

Retail Value: $219.72
Paid: $20.98

Saved: $198.74

Shopped at: Paintsville Walmart, Wayne Walmart, Louisa Food City