So I finally found my shampoo & Conditioner on sale Even better because they have the styling products on sale too 🙂 My Coupons were expiring so had to use them and stock up!

Note: There was no Shelves clear at all.My albertsons had tons of this and it looks like I was the only one who had coupons for this because usually its all gone by the time I get there… weird…lol

4x Tresemme Shampoo – $5.79 each
4x Tresemme Conditioner – $5.79 each
6x Tresemme Hair Spray -$3.29 each
2x Tresemme Mousse- $3.29 each

They were BOGO free on albertsons.
I used my BOGO free MQ’s and So I paid A total of $2.94 (TAX ONLY) Savings of $61.27

Walmart :
6x LALA smoothies -$.98 each used 3x BOGO free mq
2x Bag of Snickers -$1.99 each used 2x $1.50mq
2x Bag of Twix- $1.99 each used 2x $1.50mq

total paid $5.04 Spent a total of $7.98 for all this today!