Extreme Couponing Tip: How to Save on Eggs

Coupons:  Look for peelie egg coupons on products like bacon, Tabasco sauce, sausage, cereal, and breakfast bread. Also keep an eye out for the periodic printable $0.55/2 dozen eggs coupon from Incredible Edible Eggs.

Brown vs. White: Shun the common misconception that brown eggs are “healthier” than white. The truth is that they have the same nutritional value, and shell color is actually based on heredity and the breed, rather than the chicken’s diet or tastiness of the egg. Opt for white and save on the high brown egg price tag.

Farm fresh: Look into buying eggs from a local farm or farmer’s market for a fresh and cheap alternative.

Egg timer: Eggs, like most items, have sale cycles. Look for the biggest discounts around Easter and with breakfast and baking sales.

Be daring! If you have the room and inclination, look into raising 3-5 hens for your very own fresh eggs. Check with city regulations and space requirements, and talk with nearby chicken owners for more information and advice.