woke up this morning at 9 AM (would be 10 but with daylight savings it’s 9) and couldn’t wait to hit the sales at CVS! got my mom to drive us (i’m only 16 and there’s some major highways to get to the nearest CVS) and we scored a jackpot!

we got:
13 kashi cereals $39
2 kashi crackers $6
5 kashi granola bars $15
1 powerade $1.49
2 gatorades $2
1 bag lays BBQ potato chips $1.09
1 CVS allergy 10 ct $3.69
2 rephresh tampons $13.58
3 american greetings cards $2.97
7 CVS brand tissues $6.93

i started with no EBs so i paid with a $20 CVS gift card and $2.84 cash but after coupons, rain checks, and the kashi gift card promo, i walked out with 2 $10 CVS gift cards!!!

which means my entire haul only cost $2.84! my receipts say i saved about $160!!! thats a 98% savings! wahoo!

couponing is such a rush for me and now i have healthy snacks to eat and my dad has tissues (he goes through tissue boxes like krazy!) 😀

and it all cost less than a single box of kashi! have a great week everyone!