Once upon a time, Black Friday was the height of extreme savings in technology and consumer electronics. Today, Cyber Monday (the first Monday after Black Friday) runs a close second. You can extend Cyber Monday’s savings to the rest of the year by adding “refurbished” to your shopping vocabulary.

Factory refurbished items are typically those which had an out-of-the-box defect and were returned to a retailer. Retailers forward those on to an authorized service center. At the service center, technicians replace the part or assembly required, producing a back-to-brand new equivalent that is individually inspected, tested, and approved. Refurbished gadgets, computers, phones, cameras and small appliances are available at deep discounts year round from reliable outlets.

A Few Sites Selling Refurbished Electronics:

  • Computer manufacturers like HP and Dell sell refurbished or remanufactured computers and accessories at serious discounts. Check out Dell’s Outlet store for examples.
  • Thrill your gadget grabber with discounted iPhones, iPads, iPods and Airbooks directly from Apple’s online store.
  • Need a stand mixer for Christmas baking? Check out major manufacturers like Kitchenaid, Kenwood and Cuisinart for high-end refurbished mixers at low-end prices.
  • Check your favorite retailer’s website. Major vendors including Best Buy, Office Depot and Staples all sell refurbished products, many of them not available in their retail stores.
  • Sears sells refurbished products from its regular website and also through auctions on eBay. Read the explanation here.
  • Sony sells refurbished LCD televisions and other electronics from their online Sony outlet store and offer even bigger savings weekly on selected items. They offer free ground shipping and discounts of up to 80% off. Go to their Outlet Store for all the deals.
  • Get a sweet deal on digital cameras directly from the manufacturers by browsing the refurbished products available from sites like the online Fuji Shop or Nikon Store.
  • Online retailer Tiger Direct offers a wide range of recertified computers and electronics.
  • Mobile Karma has recycled and refurbished laptops, tablets and smartphones from most major manufacturers. Selection will vary, so check back often.
  • Aside from their usual liquidation items, Overstock.com has a surprisingly broad range of refurbished electronics and appliances, from digital cameras to Dyson vacuums.
  • Look up the local factory-authorized service centers for your favorite brands, and ask them about refurbished models. Often they’re authorized to assemble and sell refurbished units from those locations, giving you the added perk of local warranty service.

Keep in Mind:

  • Google words like “reconditioned”, “remanufactured”, “recertified”, and “factory-certified” as well as refurbished. Different companies use different terms.
  • Ask about warranties, because factory-refurbished items almost always have one. Some have 90 days, and others have the same warranty as a new purchase. Often you can add an extended warranty and still spend less than new.
  • Companies differ in how deeply they discount their refurbished products, so comparison shop. Saving 40% is good, but 70% is even better!

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