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We all know how to get dishwasher soap for dirt cheap, but what if I don't want to wash the dishes myself? If couponing has taught me anything, it's that I can score a top of the line product for less than its generic, less tasty, lower-quality counterpart! I deserve the best in every area — don't you?




Home Depot & Lowe's

Home Depot and Lowe's have a wide variety of appliances and several ways to save on them. There are many different options, all suited for different types of budgets, above and beyond the regular sales you see advertised.

  • Clearance Sales/Closeouts – There are many name brand appliances on sale for 25% off or more, just because they are discontinued models or it has been decided not to carry that particular item/brand any longer. Many times, the clearance items will qualify for the current $ or % off advertised sale!
  • End of the Year Sales – Like cars, appliances have new models every year! The end of the year (or even the very beginning!) is a great time to snag some high quality appliances for a steal!
  • Credit Card discounts – A curse to many of our ears! Lots of us don't want a new credit card (myself included!) but if you are in the market for one, there are many promotions for a percentage off a purchase of $XXX+ and 0% APR if paid off within a certain time frame.

But what if you want that new super deluxe, $3000 fridge that "sings" to you when you open it? (We all know we aren't going to pay full retail for it, even if it makes the kids breakfast! Well maybe…)

Appliance Outlets

Did you know that there are stores in your area that have BRAND NEW appliances for 30%-60% off retail? These stores are able to carry top of the line, brand name appliances for so cheap because the items are considered "out of box". This means that an item was deemed unsellable at a regular retailer. (These items are usually cosmetically damaged in shipping or not damaged at all, but the pallet they were on broke–things of that nature.) Instead, these are sent to outlet stores! These stores will make sure all equipment is functioning properly and offer it to the public for a discounted rate. Who cares if there's a scratch on the side (that's going to face the wall anyway)? If I'm getting the magical, sing to me and feed my kids breakfast fridge for 30%-60% off, I certainly don't!

  • Search "Appliance Outlet (Your City Name)" to find one in your area!

Additional Ways to Save

One thing to consider when purchasing a new appliance is efficiency. Energy Star appliances will not only reduce your monthly utility bill, but many will qualify for an additional rebate! I don't know about you, but after I send in my rebate, I forget about it, so it's always a nice surprise when it arrives. Rebates are a great way to save up for that trip to Hawaii you've been wanting to take! Rebates will vary by appliance and state. Check out this link to see if the appliance of your dreams will qualify.

Hidden Charges and Extra Costs

As with every large purchase, there's always the dratted fine print! Lucky for you, I checked it out!

  • Delivery & Installation – Be aware of extra charges for these things! They may be an extra $100 or more, which negates your hard work of saving. Many places offer free delivery & installation but you need to make sure you get it in writing (like you would a coupon policy).
  • Removal – If you're replacing appliances, why not make some extra cash on your old ones? Sell them on Craigslist for a few extra bucks to offset your out of pocket for the new one! See what an equivalent version of your appliance is selling for and try to time it just right so you aren't without.
  • Read the Fine Print – Always review all the fine print! You don't want to end up with an appliance that doesn't work only to find out too late that you had a 24 hour exchange/return period.

This has been a guest post by Daphne from Colorado Springs, CO
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