I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Pottery Barn’s Eagan Multipanel Large MirrorIts 25 beveled mirrors, measuring 44″ x 55″, would look amazing on that large empty wall in my house.  But at the price of $699, there’s no way this mirror will get anywhere near my front door.

Thank goodness, there’s a knockoff version that’s equally amazing. Pier One Imports’ Window Mirror for $99.98 is the perfect solution to my empty wall dilemma.  Although it’s a slightly different size (24 mirrors and measuring 24″ x 48″), it still does the trick.

Along with a mirror, the lighting in my house needs some major updating.  This Lumens Beat Light Pendant – Fat by Tom Dixon is perfect for the kitchen.  But for $450, I’d rather use a candle!

Incredibly enough, Menard’s Metal Shade 8″ Pendant is an almost identical light for only $29.99.  It measures 13″H x 8″W compared to the Tom Dixon version of 11.8″H X 9.5″W.  Couldn’t ask for a better knockoff!

Thanks, DecorPad