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Keep track of how many As, Bs, and Cs you score as you answer, then add up your totals at the end. Remember, this is just for fun!

1. It's 10:30 at night and you find a $1 Register Reward that expires today. You:

A. Drop everything and drive across two towns to the nearest 24-hour Walgreens to make sure it's not wasted.
B. Are disappointed but decide that the cost of gas to get to the store outweighs the value of the RR. You vow to never throw one away again.
C. Shrug. What's an RR, anyway?

2. Next week's CVS flyer is released, and there are plenty of Extrabuck freebies. Your shopping plan:

A. Be in the checkout line by 11:59 Saturday night so you can make sure to get every last deal.
B. Stop on your way home from work Monday, knowing that you can always take advantage of the CVS rainchecks if they are already sold out of something you want.
C. Maybe head over later in the week if you think of it, and you've been meaning to sign up for an Extracare card, just haven't gotten around to it yet.

3. You have a sore throat and can't string three words together without coughing. Your doctor tells you it's "just a cold" and to treat it with over the counter remedies. You are completely out of cough drops and there are no sales or coupons out right now. You:

A. Would rather cough up a lung than pay full price. You decide to grin and bear it and hope for a good sale to start on Sunday.
B. Find drugstore generic cough drops at a reasonable price but make a mental note to replenish your stockpile with cold remedies the first chance you get.
C. Pay top dollar for Vick's because it comes in your favorite flavor.

4. Your husband tells you this morning that a coworker of his who you don't know well invited you to his wife's baby shower, which is this afternoon. You:

A. Can't possibly go. There isn't enough time to scour the ads, match up coupons and sales, and get the best deal possible, so you politely decline the invite.
B. "Borrow" some diapers and wipes from your stockpile, add a saved bow from your daughter's recent birthday party, and go with a smile.
C. Run to the mall and buy the first cute outfit you see, then pay extra to have it gift-wrapped.

5. You keep your stockpile:

A. In every nook and cranny throughout your house. You are trying to convince your husband to build an addition, and your kids to start sharing a bedroom.
B. In your available closet space, with some overflow into your half of the garage.
C. Under your bathroom sink. And maybe a few extra cans of soup in the kitchen pantry.

6. The local Internet server is down after a storm. You:

A. Panic. How will you do your hourly check for printable coupons?
B. Sigh and decide to discreetly check out KCL when you get to work in the morning.
C. Wait, are there coupons online?

7. You get your coupons from:

A. Everywhere! Friends, neighbors, recycling bins, dumpsters, clipping services, and you print every available Internet coupon you find.
B. Mainly the Sunday paper. You pick up a few extra if there's going to be a third insert, and you get a few from family and friends at work. You print out the really good Internet coupons.
C. You can't be bothered with all the clipping.

8. Your family is planning an out-of-town vacation. You:

A. Mapquest every drugstore and grocery store along the way and within 20 miles of your hotel. You unpack half your clothes to make room for your coupon tote in the trunk.
B. Toss your binder in the car, just in case, but are determined to get in some real R&R with the family.
C. Pack a bathing suit and your credit card. What else could you possibly need?

9. Your friends and family describe your coupon habits as:

A. Exhausting. They can't remember the last time they were able to hang out with you.
B. Inspiring. They come to you for advice and money-saving tips and can count on you to share your extra coupons.
C. What? Are you sure you have the right person?

10. There's a BOGO Free sale on deodorant, and you have a coupon that would make both items free. The store limits the sale to ten items per transaction. You:

A. Order 500 coupons from a clipping service, then clear the shelves and stand in line for hours, doing multiple transactions.
B. Take advantage of the sale but honor the store's limit. You leave a few extra coupons on the shelf for another person to use.
C. Didn't know you could combine coupons with a BOGO sale.


Mostly As: You go, Girl (or You're the Man!) You exemplify the definition of Extreme Couponing! Your stockpile could keep your family, and most of the neighbors, clean and fed for years. Your friends and family may be planning an intervention as we speak, so try not to lose sight of the big picture, of who you're saving for. You could probably write your own couponing blog, if you could find the time between sales.

Mostly Bs: You perform couponing in moderation and have your priorities well balanced. You are proud of your stockpile (as you should be!) and of saving your family money, but you're not afraid to miss a deal now and then to spend time with your friends and family.

Mostly Cs: A coupon virgin! You are missing out on some serious money-saving techniques but are in the right place to learn from the best. Check out KCL's Beginners page, and don't be afraid to reach out to this wonderful online community to walk you through it, step by step.

So, what kind of couponer are you?

This has been a guest post by Melissa from Whitney Point, NY
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