Extreme Couponing Tip: Ask What Time Sales Go Live at 24-Hour Locations

“I have a 24-hour drugstore near me. When do the new sales start?”

Technically, the new sale ad starts at midnight, unless specifically stated otherwise in the ad. Some locations start changing over sale items the evening before the new sales week, but you’ll want to be careful checking out prior to midnight. For example, my 24-hour Walgreens has their prices in their system and Register Rewards available at 2 am, while sale prices at my nearby Safeway change around 10:30pm the night before; it just depends on the store and location.
In the latter case, the sale signs may be up throughout the store; these will clearly display the sale date span. If an item does not ring up at the sale price before midnight on Sunday/ Wednesday, then the store does not have to honor the sale price since, technically, the sale does not begin until 12:01 am. So when in doubt, ASK. The cashier or manager will be able to tell you when new prices are in their system.