January is here, which means all sorts of "new" things in our lives – a new calendar, new batteries in the smoke detectors, a new year to figure out how to pronounce "twenty twelve" or "two thousand twelve" and, of course, New Year's resolutions.

But instead of the usual resolutions involving eating healthier, reading more, and swearing less, you might consider setting a few objectives to become a savvier and smarter Krazy Coupon Lady. Below are four of the many goals you might considering aiming for in 2012. If you've got any couponing resolutions you'll be working toward in the New Year or tips for how to accomplish the ones below, take a cue from resolution number three and share the wealth with a comment!

1. Convert a friend or family member into a Krazy Coupon Lady

Couponing is more fun when you can share the experience with people you know. That's why in the coming year you should make it your goal to turn one friend or family member into a Krazy Coupon Lady. Point them in the direction of "Ten Days to Become a KCL" section to get them started.

You'll always have your fellow couponistas right here on the KCL website, but there's nothing quite like getting a text from a friend on Sunday afternoon that reads "OMG, did u c BOGO cookies @ Walgreens?!?!"…two minutes after you also discovered the deal.

2. Start a stockpile (even if it's a small one)

There are two parts to being an effective Krazy Coupon Lady: Couponing (which most of us are pretty good at), and stockpiling (some of us could use some work here). Stockpiling, of course, is the art of buying large quantities of non-perishable items at rock-bottom prices in order to keep a three month, six month or even one-year supply on hand.

Sure, stockpiling requires you to spend a little extra now, but you'll save even more in the long run. So make it a goal to stockpile in 2012. Start by finding some space for your stockpile – a few shelves in a spare room or basement will do – and then read the KCL article titled "Stockpiling: So Simple, So Smart, So Savvy."

3. Share the wealth

You know how good you feel after a particularly thrifty trip to the grocery store? It feels just as good, if not better, when you help other people save a few bucks, too. With that in mind, make it a goal in 2012 to pay it forward on a regular basis.

You can start by donating your expired coupons to programs that distribute them to military families (who can use them up to six months after their expiration date). More information on that noble effort can be found here. If your stockpile is already well stocked, you might also considering donating some of that surplus to a local food bank. Finally, consider random acts of couponing kindness – like giving your best cereal coupon to a busy mom while you're both eyeing the Kellogg's selection.

4. Become more coupon efficient

You've never heard someone resolve to spend less time exercising or less time volunteering at the local shelter, so why cut down on the amount of time spent couponing? Because just like finding a way to reduce your grocery bill, it's also possible to reduce the amount of time you spend each week searching for those savings.

You'll find plenty of articles here on KCL to help you reclaim those precious hours, including "Couponing on a tight schedule" (part one and part two) and "YES! You have time to be a Krazy Coupon Lady!" The result? More time to spend with friends, family, or relaxing by the fireplace with that new novel (sorry, that's a personal goal).

This has been a guest post by Shanna from Harrisburg, PA
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