Extreme Couponing Tip: How to Use Walgreens Register Rewards

Rolling rewards/Catalinas: This refers to the practice of separating your purchase into multiple transactions in order to use register Catalina/reward coupons from your first transaction to pay for your second transaction. Another Catalina prints from the second transaction that pays for the third transaction and so on.

This does not work at Walgreens. A Register Reward (RR) gained from the purchase of item "X" cannot be used to purchase another item "X" if the customer wants another RR to print. You can get around this one of two ways:

1. Alternate between different products. Find 2 different products that trigger a similar value Register Reward and alternate buying those items in separate transactions. Do note that many Walgreens stores have enacted a limit of transactions per household per day or week. If this is the case, you’ll want to look into Option #2.

2. Roll week-to-week.  Use the Register Rewards you earned in one week to pay for the next week’s Register Reward items. This costs more initially but is easier to manage in the long run.

Keep in mind that if you have a Register Reward from company “A” in a certain dollar amount, you cannot use that RR to purchase a different product that happens to be by the same company that triggers that same dollar amount (if you want the second RR to print). Example: You earn a $3 Register Reward from buying a Revlon nail polish during the first week. If the next week has a $3 Register Reward from Revlon for eyelash curlers, you cannot use the $3 nail polish RR to pay for the eyelash curler and still get a second RR to print.