Have you ever wondered if bidding for a hotel room on Priceline actually works? It does, but you have to know how to do it.

For years, I was completely in the dark about Priceline. The idea of putting in my credit card and getting a hotel room that I might not want and being stuck with it wasn’t very appealing. So I just avoided Priceline altogether.

Thankfully, there is now a free website called BiddingTraveler, which helps you successfully navigate through the bidding process on Priceline. BiddingTraveler essentially tells you what price you should bid before you go on Priceline. I get hotel rooms all the time now through Priceline, and I’m able to stay at high-end hotels for less than I used to pay for very average accommodations. This secret will literally upgrade every vacation you take from now on!

Here’s How it Works:

1. Set up an account with Priceline here.

2. Go to biddingtraveler.com.

3. Put in the name of the city and dates of travel and click SHOP.

4. A replica of the ‘Name Your Own Price’ section on Priceline will pop up. You’ll see a map of the city you have chosen. Choose the specific area where you want to stay. Also choose the hotel category (i.e. 4-star Deluxe).

5. Choose the starting bid and final offer prices. There will be information that lets you know how much these prices generally need to be.

6. You will be given a bidding strategy and then you just click CONTINUE to be rerouted to the Priceline website in order to start your bid.

My Real World Example:

I was booking a hotel in Greenwich, Connecticut for 1 night. BiddingTraveler suggested $44 for my low bid and $84 for my high bid. They base this information on the amount of other successful and unsuccessful bids. I chose $45 for my low bid and $65 for my high bid. They recommended a 2-bid strategy. Sometimes they recommend more bids and will tell you how much to bid each time. My first bid of $45 was accepted by the Hyatt Regency Greenwich, which was 62% lower than the $107 rate for the Hyatt Regency on Hotels.com!

I have literally saved thousands of dollars using this process. If you want to take one other money saving step, after you are armed with your BiddingTraveler strategy, go to Priceline through Ebates or Shop at Home to get cash back on your purchase.

It’s your turn to live large on a shoestring budget! Happy Traveling!

This has been a guest post by Jenifer from Los Angeles, CA

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