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Like most ventures in life, couponing would be perfect if it weren't for one huge obstacle: HUMAN ERROR! Let's face it. Our mistakes and imperfections are what make us human, but they're also what make us a pain in the neck.

As Krazy Coupon Ladies (and Gents) we are really good at catching our cashier's mistakes, but what about our own? Have you ever left the store and realized you did something wrong? For example, you gave the cashier more coupons than you were entitled to use; you used a $1.00/2 coupon on one product; or you argued a store policy at the WRONG STORE! It can happen to the best of us. But remember, the choice of right or wrong is laid out for you all day, every day. Choose right!

In this KRAZY couponing world we must remember to always be Honest, Organized and Truthful. (Might as well throw HOT in the mix while we’re at it!)

BE HONEST- First and foremost, as our favorite website has always told us (thanks, Joanie and Heather), be honest up front. If you know the coupon calls for an 8 oz. package, don't try to get one over on the cashier and sneak in that 4 oz. package. Don't purposefully try to add a coupon for something you know you didn't buy. (You know your mama taught you better than that). We can try to justify it all we want to ourselves, but the truth is it’s WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Be honest with yourself.

BE ORGANIZED – Many mistakes can be eliminated with a little organization. If you're like most couponers, you plan your shopping trip ahead of time so that you know exactly what you're doing when you arrive at the store. But I'm sure I'm not the only one whose plans often change once you get there. Sometimes the store is out of stock or you might find a bargain you hadn't noticed before. A little trick I've learned is to stop before I get to the register and thoroughly go over my checkout. Match the things in your cart to your coupons. This is a great time to double check sizes and amounts as well. Your cashier will appreciate it too.

BE TRUTHFUL – Even after you've been honest and organized, mistakes still occur (*sigh* humans). But don't worry. Here is the time to make a right choice. Whenever it is in your ability to go back and make things right, DO IT! (This works outside of couponing too). If you catch a mistake on you receipt once you've left the checkout lane or even the store, go back and be truthful with the cashier or manager. Show them your error and do what you can to fix it. I drove back to a store once to give a cashier $3. I had somehow convinced her to scan my coupons twice. Don't ask! I was a total dork that day. We all make mistakes and even though it's a little inconvenient to drive all the way back to the store, just do it. It will give all of us couponers a better reputation. More importantly, it will make you feel really good inside.

So as we continue on with our krazy couponing adventures, let's all remember to be honest, organized and truthful because it doesn’t just make us thrifty, it makes us HOT!

This has been a guest post by Audrey from Oceanside, CA
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