Extreme Couponing Tip: Know When to Skip Getting a Rain Check

Rain checks are a great way to get in on a deal when your store is out of stock, but there are times to opt out of getting one. 

  • Before requesting a rain check, ask an employee if they have extra stock in another location (such as an end cap) or in the back. When they have more, it saves you the hassle of requesting and redeeming, plus you get the product right away.
  • Make sure the coupons you plan to use on the rain check item won't expire before the store restocks. Most stores do not accept an expired coupon with a rain check.
  • Don't bother getting a rain check for a product that is also included in a promotion such as, "Spend $10, Save $5 Instantly" or “Buy 2 products, receive a $5 gift card” UNLESS you know the promotion extends beyond the sale date. The rain check is valid for the sale price only.
  • The majority of stores only issue rain checks for current ad sale prices, not everyday ones. If it’s not on sale, skip the rain check request (you don’t want to pay retail price anyway!)
  • You cannot get a rain check on clearance prices or limited time offers (doorbusters, Black Friday sales, liquidations, etc), so try and shop sales early and have your coupon binder with you in case you run into an unexpected bargain!