About a year ago, my wife started couponing.  She was first introduced to it by a friend of hers who was constantly talking about all the stuff she got for nearly nothing.  At first my wife was resistant, but eventually her friend's nagging got the better of her.  I'll admit it, I was a skeptic. I thought it was just an excuse for her to hang with her friend!  But I put my skepticism aside and told her to give it a chance.  I'm sure glad I did!

That first night, she was gone for several hours.  The weather was nasty and I began to worry.  Right when I picked up the phone to call her she pulled into the driveway.  I watched as she grabbed a few bags and headed in.  I told her how much I'd missed her.  She said, "Good, now help me get the rest."

As I headed to the van, I saw bags and bags full of stuff and my heart started to race.  I unloaded the rest of the bags as she started lining all the stuff out on the dinner table.  The table was halfway covered with various items – pasta, body wash, razors, vitamins – and the list kept going.

I finally worked up enough courage to ask how much she spent, ready to give a lecture about how we don't have that kind of money.  And then she said, "Oh, about five dollars."  My jaw dropped.  I surveyed the table again.  I saw brands that I was familiar with but had never really tried.  I had always thought that the store brands were the cheapest way to go.

"FIVE DOLLARS!!!" I shouted.  "You've got to be kidding?  Where are the receipts?!?"   I pored over the receipts, trying to find some catch.  Total savings of 93% was unheard of!  Adding up the total before cost and the total out of pocket, I was in shock!

Since then, I've gone from skeptic to willing participant in the world of savings.  I now know there IS a difference between store brands and the "real thing."  It pains me to imagine spending full price for just about anything!  Now we're the dynamic duo of couponing – she puts the deals together, I handle the checkout line.  So, I'm writing this article to you skeptical husbands to tell you how to survive being married to a Krazy Coupon Lady.

  • Couponing is a full time job.  Finding deals and clipping coupons takes time!  To be a successful Krazy Coupon Husband, you have to accept this fact.  Heck, I'd even say you have to embrace it.  I know you're tired when you get home from work, but why not sit down with your wife after dinner and help her clip coupons or even file them away? It might not be your idea of a relaxing evening – but your wife will appreciate it!  Instead of getting jealous of the time she spends couponing, spend the time WITH her.  She's not couponing to avoid you, she's doing it to make the money you earn worth more!  In essence, you're getting a pay raise through couponing!
  • Help set up a couponing stock-room. Before long, you'll have loads of stuff that will need to go somewhere.  Buy or build some shelves in the closet, or clean out a corner of the garage.  Whatever it takes, make room for the stuff.  It can be easy to get overwhelmed.  You'll end up with massive stockpiles of stuff , but it's all stuff you would have purchased anyway!  If you had bought it at full price, you would have spent hundreds of dollars more on the same or lower quality items.  It takes space, and you'll need to be ready for it!  It's definitely worth it.
  • Brand Name products are better and cost less.  As I mentioned earlier, I had always thought that the store brands were basically the same product as the name brands.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  The name brand product food items taste WAY better!  The name brand "for men" body washes make you smell better longer into the day.  The name brand razors actually give you a closer shave and they last longer than the cheap-o disposables, too!  What I'm saying is that Krazy Couponing ruins the generic brands for you!  And trust me when I say this isn't a bad thing!

Krazy Coupon Husbands-to-be, if your wife or significant other is starting to take an interest in couponing, encourage it with everything you've got!  It's an adjustment, but one well worth making.

This has been a guest post by Mike from Pendleton, OR
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