Extreme Couponing Tip: Get “Full Value” Coupons for Free Products!

If you’ve been watching Extreme Couponing All-Stars episodes, you may be wondering how some couponers get “free product” or “full value” coupons. These coupons are good for a free product, usually up to the full retail value, meaning no cost to the customer! So how do you score these? Check out below!

Rave reviews: If you love a product, let the manufacturer know! Write in a rave review, and at the end, kindly request any coupons they may have; make sure to give both your email address and postal address. As I’ve personally experienced, it helps if the review is specific, the review is witty, and you can mention any extenuating circumstances that elicit sympathy in a fun way. For example, in college I wrote to one of my favorite breakfast restaurants and mentioned how I just loved their new berry pancakes special and that I just couldn’t get enough! At the end, I said “And if you happen to have any spare coupons, this poor newlywed college student would greatly appreciate them!” Lo and behold, I got mailed 2 coupons for any free entree for both my husband and me! This method tends to work about 10-30% of the time. Other times you’ll probably just receive a kind email thanking you for your feedback. 

Reward programs: Sign up for reward programs that offer free product coupons after you accumulate a certain number of points, usually when you buy a certain number of products and enter codes. Examples of these sites include Stonyfield Yogurt, Pampers Gifts to Grow, Huggies Enjoy the RideDisney Movie Rewards, Old Orchard Juice Fan Club, Stouffer’s Dinner Club, My Coke Rewards, L’Oreal Paris Gold Rewards, and Seventh Generation Nation.

Caution: If you see “free product” coupons listed for sale on third party sites, chances are they are fraudulent. Unless you know for a fact they have come from a newspaper insert (such as the free Frank’s Hot Sauce coupon last March) and are genuine, DO NOT BUY THEM.