I have heard many excuses over the years as to why friends of mine don’t clip coupons, but recently there is an excuse I am starting to hear more and more: “I only buy organic products.”  My friends tell me, “I can’t find any coupons for organic products!” Sadly, they have started to believe these excuses and accept the fact that their grocery bills are getting higher.  There are actually plenty of simple ways to save on organic products. Here are some websites I have used to find great savings!

1. Mambo Sprouts– Offers a mailing list and features six $1/1 printable coupons for their products.

2. Cascadian Farm-Offers a mailing list. Sent me a cereal sample and several $1/1 coupons after an email request.

3. Kashi– Offers a mailing list. They often feature several $1/3 protein bar printables. Kashi has also partnered with Recyclebank and will reward coupons for Kashi boxes that you recycle through the Recyclebank program!

4. Eden Foods– Offers a mailing list.  Sign up to receive their product catalog and you will be mailed over $10 in coupons plus sea, pasta, and cereal samples.

5. Annie’s Organic– Offers a mailing list. Click on the “contact” tab and email them requesting coupons as well. I have been mailed $5 in coupons for their soups and pasta products.

6. Celestial Seasonings
– Offers a mailing list as well as coupons upon request. They sent me several $1/1 coupons via mail for the asking.

7. Hain-Celestial Foods– Offers coupons to a variety of their products when you sign up for their newsletter. Coupons will vary.

8. Healthy Valley– Offers an email newsletter which includes printable coupons. I also emailed them requesting coupons and was mailed several $1/1 coupons.

9. Knudsen Juice– Offers a variety of organic juices, coupons only available if requested via email. They did send me several $0.55/1 coupons.

10. Earthbound Farm Organic– Offers a newsletter and several $1/1 printable coupons. More coupons will also be included in their newsletter.

11. Earths Best– Offers a mailing list and a printable $1/7 jars of baby food coupon as well as a $0.55/1 cereal coupon.

12. Barbara’s Bakery– Offers a mailing list and online community as well as several $1/1 any Barbara’s cereal or bakery product.

13. Health E Savers– Offers a newsletter as well as over $15 worth of printable coupons each month. These change regularly so always be sure to check back.

14. Whole Foods– Offers a huge variety of organic printable coupons good at all retailers. These change regularly so check back often for ultimate savings.

15. Casbah Natural Foods– Email directly for coupons. I requested some and was sent $5 in various coupon savings.

16. Imagine Foods– Offers a mailing list. Email directly for coupons via mail. I did and received $3 in various coupon savings.

17. Kiwi Mag Online– An online health magazine that offers many printable coupons online and via their mailing list. Check the website often for their latest savings.

18. Natures Oasis– Offers over $15 in printable coupons that change weekly. Check back often for ultimate savings!

19. Eating Well– An online magazine that offers organic coupons with their newsletter. Sign up via their website for their latest offers.

20. Good Earth Tea– Register on their website to print a $1/1 coupon.

21. Delicious Living– An online health magazine that offers pdf printable coupons. These change monthly so check back often for ultimate savings!

22. Food For Life– Offers a mailing list, will send coupons via mail if you email them. They sent me $5 in various coupons.

23. Organic Coupons– Similiar to coupons.com, offers a variety of coupons for organic products and online retailers. Deals change regularly so check back often.

24. Alexia Foods– Offers a mailing list and will send coupons if you request them! They sent me several $1/1 coupons via mail and a coupon for a FREE Alexia product!

25. Apple & Eve– Register for their site and print a $0.55/1 printable. I also emailed them for coupons and they sent me several $0.55/1 coupons via mail.

26. Born Free Radlo Foods– Email them for coupons. I did and they sent me $2 in various coupon savings and a newsletter.

27. Clif Bar– Offers a mailing list. I emailed them for coupons and they sent me several BOGO coupons as well as a SAMPLE!

28. Amy’s Organic-Offers a mailing list and mailed me a booklet with over $10 in savings on Amy’s products.

Aside from coupons, these websites offer many other perks such as recipes, a community forum, product ideas, nutritional information, and a store locator. Not spending gas driving around to find these products is another huge savings for me! By taking a few minutes to visit these sites, you can save big. The savings will continue to pour into your mailbox when you sign up for the company mailing lists.

So, who says you can’t find coupons for organic products? Now you, too, know better!

This has been a guest post by Katie from South Bend, IN
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