Extreme Couponing Tip: Be Aware of New +Up Rewards Policy in Certain Test Markets

As of February 5th, Rite Aid has implemented a new system in the test markets of Seattle, Richmond, Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. In these regions, +UP Rewards now load to your Wellness+ card rather than print onto your receipt and can only be redeemed starting the next day at 6 am. While this does help customers not have to keep track of paper receipts, disadvantages include not being able to roll +UPs on the same day (which results in more frequent shopping trips), only being able to manage +UPs online, and having the largest +UP amount applied first instead of being allowed to choose a different amount +UP or those soonest to expire. The program is mandatory in these areas and does not include an opt-out path.

+UP Rewards have NOT changed for those outside of these test markets, although the potential exists for these alterations to be implemented across the board sometime in the future. If you would like to voice your opinion on this issue, you can comment on Rite Aid’s Facebook page, sign the petition against the implementation, or contact Rite Aid customer service. Remember that customer feedback is always very important to companies, whether positive or a voice for needed change and improvement.

Update: Rite Aid is now exploring the option of allowing customers in these areas to choose whether they would like their +UP Rewards printed out or loaded to the card. However, the next day usage stipulation will still apply.