As a parent, I know how dangerous the Internet can be. Children seem to navigate the web better than most adults can! Do you wish you had a way to monitor your child’s web activity and block certain web content? I used to think the only way to do this was to watch my daughter over her shoulder or keep her from using the computer all together. As you can imagine, this was not fun for either of us.

But there is an easier way to make your child’s time on the computer safe. Safe Eyes is a parental control software that downloads directly to your computer. It blocks objectionable content, monitors social networking, and can even be used on up to three computers in the house. I was impressed to see that this program is endorsed by financial guru Dave Ramsey and that it was rated #1 in independent testing! That makes me feel that it is a program worth trying!

Think this sort of security sounds expensive? Think again! You can try Safe Eyes now for FREE! Take advantage of all of the services and security for 30 days, a $39.95 value! You are under no obligation to buy after the 30 day trial and NO credit card information is required!

Here is how to get this FREE trial!

  • Head over to Safe Eyes today.
  • Click on the blue “Free Trial” button.
  • Click on the green “Start your Trial Now” button.
  • Complete your registration by answering a few brief questions.
  • Click the red “Download Now” button.
  • Your FREE trial software will begin to download!

Don’t you hate when you sign up for a free trial, only to forget to cancel after the 30 day trial window?  It’s never a good feeling to get that surprise on your bank statement or credit bill!   With Safe Eyes, you can enjoy this trial at truly no cost, and you won’t need to worry about canceling it at the conclusion of the 30 days.

Head over to Safe Eyes now, as this free trial offer can expire at any time!