Extreme Couponing Tip: Shop the Bulk Section to Score Great Deals!

 The bulk section can be a great way to save money, stock up or try out products, and save on packaging.  Bulk sections can range from small selections of baking ingredients and candy to more extensive selections that offer conventional or organic spices, lentils, seeds, pasta, dried fruit, cereal, trail mix, freshly ground peanut and almond butter, and pure syrup and honey. Health food stores and chain stores like WinCo are renowned for their wide variety and great prices. Before purchasing, always check out price per ounce/pound to find the best deal. While a 6 oz package of walnuts in the baking aisle may be $2.99, the bulk section may have them for $5.99 a pound, which is more than $0.10 cheaper per ounce. If you’re buying 3 pounds, the savings would be $5.95 to buy bulk versus the 6 oz bags! Just like packaged items, bulk items go on sale and run in sale cycles. For example, I find nuts to be at the lowest prices near the holidays, oatmeal in the winter, trail mix in the summer, and sweets around Halloween. If you can, wait until the items you want go on sale and stock up. When keeping bulk items for a long period of time, try airtight containers or vacuum sealing and storing in a cool, dry environment to maximize the shelf life. Need a lot of whole cloves or not sure about the strawberry hemp granola? The bulk bins are great places to stock up big or try out small amounts. This is a big advantage for large and small families alike. When you buy just what you need, you’ll cut down on waste and save money. Buying in bulk is good for the environment because there is less packaging involved on both the part of the manufacturer and the consumer. You can even help out more by bringing your own reusable bulk sacks (if your store permits). Just remember to write the bin number around the twist tie!

What are your favorite items to get in the bulk section?