A crystal ball chandelier is truly a decadent piece of décor. You'll really feel like the queen of your castle with one of these beauties hanging in your entryway. This hanging spherical fixture looks like a disco ball that's fit for a palace.

The Horchow version of this chandelier has a price point that only princesses can afford. But don't worry; if your budget is more pauper than princess, then Z Gallerie has a great knockoff. The Horchow Crystal Ball Pendant is $1,495 plus $100 for shipping for a total of $1,595. The Z Gallerie Belvedere Chandelier is $79 plus $14 for shipping for a total for $93. The two fixtures are similarly sized: the Horchow chandelier has a 14" diameter with a 72" chain and the Z Gallerie chandelier has a 14" diameter with a 85" chain. The Horchow version uses hand-cut clear crystal beads whereas the Z Gallerie version uses plastic crystal beads which most likely accounts for the huge disparity in price. But when the chandelier is hanging from the ceiling, the difference in material is not particularly noticeable and both brands' chandeliers are beautiful.

Total Savings for the Z Gallerie Belvedere Chandelier: $1,502 (including shipping) a 94% savings!


Another glamorous lighting option is a cone-shaped chandelier with cascading crystal droplets. Pottery Barn's Clarissa Chandelier  is beautiful but expensive, as it costs $399 plus $39.90 in shipping for a total of $438.90. Lucky for you, there is a more reasonably priced knockoff available on Overstock.com. Overstock's Cone Shape 4-light Matte Silver Crystal Chandelier costs $158.39 plus $2.95 for shipping for a total of $161.34. The Pottery Barn chandelier is 19.5" high with a 13" diameter; the Overstock.com chandelier measures 22" high and is 14" in diameter. Both chandeliers feature a metal base and six layers of raindrop-shaped crystals that decrease in size from the base and a faceted crystal globe at the bottom.

Total Savings for Overstock.com Cone Shape Chandelier: $259.96 (including shipping) a 63% savings!


If you're looking for something with a more rustic look that would work well in outdoor spaces, then a hanging lantern in bronze is a great option. The Urban Lights’ Exterior Hanging Lantern is $669. Home Depot's Cordelia Lighting Hanging Outdoor Natural Bronze Lantern is an absolute steal at $49.97. As for measurements, the Urban Lights lantern is 12.50"W x 14.75"H and the Home Depot lantern is 9.75"W x 14.25"H. Both of these hanging lanterns feature classic onion-shaped housing in a dark bronze finish and a clear glass fixture.

Total Savings for the Home Depot Hanging Lantern: $619.03, a total savings of 93%!

 This has been a guest post by Lisa from Miami, FL
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