Extreme Couponing Tip: Be Green and Save Money with Reusable Bags!

Bringing your own tote on shopping trips helps the Earth and can get you extra discounts.

Not only are these better for the environment than their plastic counterparts, but many stores (including Target, Whole Foods, and Kroger) will give you a 3-10¢ discount per bag at checkout. Reusable bags are also stronger and hold more groceries per bag than the plastic ones.

CVS has a unique system for your reusable bags: It’s called the Green Bag Tag.  These tags are sold near the cash registers of CVS stores and costs $0.99. Purchase the tag, attach it to your own reusable grocery bag, and scan it each time you shop at CVS. It can only be scanned once per day, but every 4th time you shop, you'll receive a $1.00 Extra Bucks.