At Serena & Lily, an upholstered Parker X-bench in Antique White Linen, measuring 19"H x 21"W x 21"D, will cost you a steep $850 plus $128 in shipping for a total of $978. Ballard Design's X-Bench in Off-White Twill, measuring 21"H x 20.25"W x 20.5"D, is $179 plus $20.95 in shipping, totaling out at a more reasonable $199.75. Both benches feature a hardwood frame and a padded seat cushion.

Total Savings on the Ballard Designs X-Bench: $778.25, an 80% savings!

Serena & Lily's Turquoise Leather Moroccan Pouf is $450 plus an additional $30 for shipping—a price only Moroccan royalty can afford.  The cheapest knockout I could find was's Leather Contemporary Ottoman (Morocco) in Turquoise Leather  which costs $129.99 plus $2.75 in shipping for a total of $132.74. Both are similarly sized: the pouf is 12"H x 20" DIAM whereas the Serena & Lily pouf is 14" H x 22" DIAM and both are handmade by Moroccan artisans using 100% genuine leather panels stitched together in an almost identical pattern.

Total Savings on the Leather Contemporary Ottoman (Morocco): $347.26, a 72% savings.

Calypso St. Barth's Lux Goat Hair Pouf is a shaggy 36″ diameter pouf that costs $2,035. However, Pottery Barn Teen makes a great knockoff shaggy poof known as the Furlicious Beanbag, measuring 40″ diameter, for $139 plus $31.00 in shipping for a total cost of $170.00.

The major difference between the two brands (and the reason for the $1,865 price difference between the two poufs) is that the Calypso version features real goat hair whereas the Pottery Barn Teen version features synthetic PETA-friendly, acrylic fur. Not only is the Pottery Barn Teen version cheaper, but also it won't make you sneeze!

Total Savings on the Pottery Barn Teen Furlicious Beanbag: $1,865, a 92% savings! 

This has been a guest post by Lisa from Miami, FL
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