Extreme Couponing Tip: Buy Hot and Cold Goods Last at the Store

Proper storage of grocery items will optimize product longevity. A good way to help with this is to have an order when you shop and a system for storing your purchases until you get them home.

Shop hot and cold products last. An ideal order for putting items in your cart is: toiletries and non-perishables first, then produce and refrigerated, and finally frozen and hot foods.

While your food is getting bagged at checkout, ensure that items of similar temperatures are bagged together. Make sure frozens are together and the same goes for hot foods, such as rotisserie chicken or warm deli items. If you’ll be shopping at more than one store, consider keeping an ice chest and a thermal bag in the trunk to keep items at optimal temperatures.

At Home
Assure all groceries are out of the trunk when you get home. It’s always sad to find your ice cream all melted and dripping the next day in the corner of your trunk! While putting groceries away, put the frozen and chilled foods away first.