Extreme Couponing Tip: Know What to Bring to the Store

Coupon binder
While you can just bring in your shopping list and the predetermined coupons you’ll be using, it’s propitious to have your binder with you just in case you run into an unexpected deal. Beneficial extras to have in your binder include a pair of scissors, the store’s coupon acceptance policy, calculator, and writing utensils. It goes without saying that a method of payment, either cash, card, or checkbook also be with you 🙂

Store ad
This is especially helpful to have on hand when verifying sale prices and sizes, requesting rain checks, getting store coupons, and price matching.

Reusable bags
These carry more than their plastic counterparts and are good for the Earth. Many stores give you a 3-10¢ discount for every bag used at checkout.

Water bottle and snacks
Avoid impulse buys by keeping hydrated and satisfied. Steer clear of sugary foods that make your energy crash, and opt for choices like cut veggies and fruit, granola bars, trail mix/nuts, or string cheese. Having a full water bottle helps avoid the over-priced chilled drinks near checkout stands.