Extreme Couponing Tip: Set Time Limits on Couponing

Sitting down and scheduling couponing time can be very beneficial. Couponing is not a sprint, so there’s no need to dash about to every store as fast as you can to score every single deal. Your worst enemy will be yourself if you take on too much and become burnt out. Know when to slow down, focus on other things, and you’ll find couponing to be a relaxing, enjoyable, and a profitable hobby!

Just like setting up a spending budget, Krazy Couponers need to be wise with how their time is spent. Because couponing can be addicting when you’re scoring a ton of great deals, it’s easy to lose track of other hobbies and interests if you’re not careful. Portion out time every week for clipping and organizing coupons, checking online deals and printable coupons, planning shopping trips, and time spent shopping itself. Write down your time goals and stick to them!

Helpful Hints:

  • Remember that once you gain a reasonable stockpile, you’ll be heading to the store less often, letting you instead go “shopping” in your stockpile and spend more time cooking, studying, or having family time.
  • Clip and organize coupons during your favorite TV show, while dinner is in the oven, or when the kids are playing in the backyard. (Even better, get the older kids to help you clip!) Delaying cutting can take more time in the long run when it piles up and becomes daunting. Clear out expireds on a regular basis to keep things streamlined.
  • Decide to check online either once a day for a designated amount of time or several times a day but in smaller increments. Also use KCL and/or other match-up sites to do the work for you on how to spot good deals and the stock up prices in your area.