Extreme Couponing Tip: Peel and Cut Your Own Produce to Save Big

Sure, buying pre-sliced or pre-cut produce can save you a little time, but it definitely makes a dent in your pocketbook. These convenience produce products are some of the biggest mark-ups at the grocery store, so do it yourself and save big!

Broccoli florets, peeled onions, or shucked corn on the cob all tend to be much more expensive than buying the loose product and doing the preparation yourself. The same goes for fruit, such as a small plastic tub of grapes, strawberries, or sliced apples. Their price per pound can be triple compared to the whole and take very little to no time to prepare. If you’re grabbing a side for lunch, try looking for small amounts of the whole, such as one bunch of grapes or a 5 oz package of berries.

Evaluate items like bagged lettuce vs. buying a head, bunched spinach vs. bagged to see which is cheaper per ounce/amount. Some products, such as peeled baby carrots, save time and are convenient for quick snacks and tend to last longer than their loose full-size counterparts. Play it by ear when you have a tight schedule. Opt for the products with biggest savings and purchase the cheaper options pre-cut and washed, or look into frozen and canned veggies.

Which products do you prepare yourself and which pre-mades do you splurge on? 🙂