Extreme Couponing Tip: Save Money on Juice with These Strategies

Refrigerated Juice
This is the most expensive type of juice at the store. When you’re in the mood for fresh squeezed juice, pair a manufacturer coupon from brands like Minute Maid, Simply Juice, and Tropicana with sales or store coupons. The same goes for the serving size pure juices, such as POM and Odwalla, though per serving can be double or triple their larger counterparts.  Get the same flavor of refrigerated juice from concentrate (as opposed to freshly squeezed) by buying frozen concentrate instead and mixing it yourself.

Frozen Concentrate
Convenient and generally less expensive, frozen juice concentrate is a great way to stock up. Generic brands are usually a good price, but you’ll save more by waiting for a sale on the name brand and pairing it with manufacturer coupon. Wait until store has 10/$10 sale and pair with a $1.00/4 coupon, with a stock up price of $0.75. Opt for 100% juice over those labeled “punch” or “cocktail.” Look into reward programs such as Old Orchard’s Fan Club to print coupons and earn points to redeem on gear and free coupons.

Shelf Stable Juice
These juices are choice for stocking up without taking up fridge or freezer space. A good stock up price for a 64 oz bottle is $1.50, a result of pairing a $1.00/2 coupon with a $2.00 store sale or store coupon. Popular brands with coupons usually include V8, Langers, Welch’s, and Ocean Spray. For small juice boxes, such as an 8 pack from Minute Maid, a good buy is a price of $1.50 or under.