Extreme Couponing Tip: Buy Larger Meat Packages to Save More!

While small trays of ground beef, chicken breasts, and pork chops are convenient, they can also be much pricier than their larger counterparts. Buy and divide to cut costs!

Scanning a weekly grocery ad will show meats at a good or great stock up price, though it will usually only apply to “max paks” or “Extreme Value packs,” trays that include several portions/servings. Many times, the smaller trays of that same meat are also tagged with a sale sticker, though the price can be $0.50- $3.00 more a pound.

Invest in the larger package and divide it when you get home. You can either freeze a meal’s worth in baggies raw, or cook the meat before freezing and defrost when ready to prepare. The total cost is more up front, but you’ll save big over time. A big plus to this method is you’ll have more meat options on hand and won’t have to shop for it on a frequent basis.

Another great way to save on meat is to look for packages in the clearance section of the meat aisle with approaching sell by dates. These often are marked down 50% or have dollar-off stickers to be removed by the cashier at checkout when you buy that package. Visit our full post on How to Save on Meat for more money saving tips!