Facebook albums, half-finished scrapbooks, and photo boxes stored in dusty attics are no place for your favorite photos.  Turn your best photos into extraordinary photo canvas prints. Right now, Canvas People has a great deal—choose between a free 8 x 10 photo canvas (regularly $49.99), just pay $14.95 shipping, or get $40.00 off any canvas size larger than 8 x 10 plus free shipping!

You can do so many things with photo canvases. Here are some of my favorite ideas:

1. Use a photo canvas to memorialize your wedding photos or cherished photos from milestones such as the birth of your children, graduation, or a picture of you running across the marathon finish line. You can hang these photos as art in all sorts of places in your home, but I personally love the look of a photo canvas hung above a foyer table in the entryway of your house. Group multiple photo canvases horizontally, vertically, or in a square configuration to add visual interest to your custom wall art.

2. If you’re hosting a party, consider turning a picture of the guest of honor into a photo canvas. Use an easel to display the photo canvas on the gift table or buffet table at the party. As a gift for my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary, I turned their wedding photo into a photo canvas and displayed it as decoration at their anniversary party. After the party, my grandparents took the photo canvas home with them and hung it on their bedroom wall! Needless to say, this gift was a hit!

3. Unframed posters can make your kids’ rooms look sloppy and they will have plenty of time for tattered posters affixed to the walls with tape when they go to college. If your child has a favorite musician or sports star, you can turn a picture of his or her idol into a photo canvas. What pre-teen girl wouldn’t love to hang a big Justin Beiber photo canvas over her bed?

4. Use canvas photos, especially larger sized ones, for marketing and endorsing your business, service, or products during events such as trade fairs, expos or business conventions. For example, if you’re a party-planner, turn a picture of your most fabulous soiree into a large photo canvas for an eye-catching display at marketing and networking events.

Here’s how to get this Canvas People photo canvas deal:

  • Click Here.
  • Click on the red “Create a Canvas” button.
  • Follow the prompts on the site to upload your photo and customize your photo canvas.
  • During the course of this deal, if you select an 8 x 10 photo canvas, it will be free. Just pay $14.95 shipping. You can only purchase one 8 x 10 photo canvas at this price. If you want a photo canvas larger than 8 x 10, you can take $40.00 off your order and get free shipping. This $40.00 discount can only be used for one photo canvas.  Additional photo canvases will be full price. Here’s what you’ll pay for your photo canvas when you take advantage of this $40.00 off discount:

11 x 11: $25.99 + free shipping
11 x 14: $26.99 + free shipping
16 x 16: $40.99 + free shipping
16 x 20: $50.99 + free shipping
18 x 24: $61.99 + free shipping
24 x 36: $94.99 + free shipping

  • Add your photo canvas to your cart and head to checkout where you will need to sign up for a free Canvas People account.
  • You do not need a coupon code for this promotion.