Extreme Couponing Tip: Check Valpak Envelopes for Coupon Savings

Don’t toss away that monthly blue envelope mailer unopened, as there can be some great savings inside! Many of the offers are for car repairs, carpet cleaning, and dental work, but there can also be offers for savings on food. For example, a local grocery outlet in my area (which doesn’t accept manufacturer coupons) does put out store coupons via Valpak.  In my old college town, there are coupons for 50% off a loaf a bread at the local bakery!  Other grocery stores and markets (including ShopRite, MgGinnis Market, Sofo Foods, Valley Harvest International Market, and even the office supply store Staples!) have also been known to include dollar amounts off a total bill.

Other great offers include restaurants for take out. Why not pick up a 50% off pizza on the way home and pair it with in-season fruit and the bagged salad you used a coupon to buy? Also popular are Buy One Get One Half Off deals or dollar amounts off a total bill. Just keep a lookout for the Valpak, and never toss it out without first taking a look inside!