I was checking out my Facebook news feed last week when it revealed that my friend was listening to some of my favorite Beatles songs via Spotify. The next day, I saw another friend was listening to a selection of soft rock hits, also via Spotify. So naturally I was intrigued and had to know, what exactly is Spotify?

Spotify is the 100% free, easy, and legal (whew!) online music service! If you have a computer, a Facebook account, and an internet connection, then you can access free online music whenever you want!

Here are some of the perks about Spotify!

  • Once you've registered, you can select from over 15 million songs to create your own playlists. Every time you sign on to Spotify, your personal playlists will appear.
  • Your Spotify account is linked up through Facebook, and your music choices will post to your Facebook Timeline automatically. Then your Facebook friends can click on that track name and listen to what you listened to. What a great way to share your excellent music tastes with the rest of the world!
  • If you want keep the fact that you listen to Justin Beiber all day long private, then just switch into Spotify's private listening mode.
  • You can see and listen to all your Facebook friends' playlists. When you notice that your best friend just listened to ten love songs in a row, it might be time to call her and ask who the new guy is!

Here are a few dislikes:

  • Spotify has audio commercials that will interrupt your music.
  • You will see some pop-up and sidebar advertisements as well.
  • Unlike iTunes, your Spotify music library only exists in an internet cloud, not on your hard drive. So, you can't listen to your music if you're not connected to the internet. Bummer!
  • You can't transfer your Spotify music to your mp3 player or burn it to a CD. It is not transferable or recordable in any way.

Click here and  head to Spotify. Once on the site, you can download the free program to your computer! Just make sure you have an internet connection and Facebook account and you are ready to begin!