Extreme Couponing Tip: Know Time Schedules of Rebates

Reading and understanding fine print is crucial to sending in and receiving rebates. Here are the times and dates to keep an eye out for:

Purchase period: This is the given timeline when you have to buy the product(s) listed. Make sure your receipts, if applicable, show a date within this time frame. Some rebates will ask that the date be circled or highlighted.

Postmark date: To be valid, the time stamp on the envelope has to be on or before the date as listed on the rebate form. Make sure to send off your submission at least a few business days in advance to ensure the rebate is in on time. If you are sending out a valuable rebate, it may be worth it to pay a little extra to send it certified mail. This way, you’ll get a receipt with proof of the postmark date in case there are problems with your rebate and you need documentation to back up your claim.

Receive by: Rebates, under law, must be given to the customer in the time they list on the official form. This is usually 6-8 weeks from the rebate end date. Jot down when you sent off the rebate and the last day of the given time frame, and if you haven't received your rebate by then, contact the company.