Extreme Couponing Tip: Plan Out Shopping Trips to Save Time and Money

Mapping out your route for both on the road and in the store will increase efficiency!

Be prepared
Plan out your shopping trips ahead of time. Compiling a list and gathering the applicable coupons you'll need in advance will save you time by avoiding those lengthy strolls up and down every aisle. Also consider finding or creating a store layout to speed things up. Go from one side of the store and work to the other, buying refrigerated, frozen, and hot food last to keep your purchases at an optimal temperature.

Map the route
With prices at the pump at an all-time high, it’s prudent to take the route that will be the fastest and most fuel efficient. Go to several stores back to back, or stop by a specific store to or from running an errand. If you live a long distance from stores, take along a cooler to store cold purchases, allowing you to go to more stores without having to drop things off at home after every store.