I've heard about witch hazel and knew it was an astringent, but I really didn't know about any of its other uses. In order to get the most out of my free bottles of witch hazel, I decided to do some research.  Luckily, I found many uses that help us look and feel better. Here are just a few:

1. Control blemishes

Nothing is worse than the almighty pimple. Fortunately, witch hazel can reduce its inflammation. Witch hazel is found in many over-the-counter treatments, and people claim that daily use helps their acne.

2. Shrink bags under the eyes

Using a cotton ball, simply rub a little witch hazel under your eyes, and say goodbye to those under-eye bags! All the evidence of that late night couponing will now only show in your wallet.

3. Treat dry skin

My skin gets much drier in the winter, so this is a particularly good reason to have witch hazel around. Applying it to dry skin helps lock in the moisture –who knew?

4. Soothe razor burn

Witch hazel applied to razor burned skin will help decrease the itch and redness.

5. Soothe poison ivy and poison oak

With camping season just around the corner, consider bringing a little witch hazel along for the ride. Witch hazel helps reduce the inflammation and swelling from poison ivy and poison oak. I think I'll pack a bottle in my first aid kit!

6. Soothe diaper rash

Witch hazel is great on helping soothe diaper rash. If your baby's bottom isn't getting better with traditional creams, try a little witch hazel on a cotton ball. Some people claim immediate improvement.

7. Heal bruises faster

I don't know about you, but I bruise easily. Rubbing a little witch hazel on a bruise is supposed to help it disappear more quickly.

8. Treat sunburn

Witch hazel is great at healing damaged skin. Applying it to a sunburn will lesson the time it takes to heal and help prevent peeling.
 Another great reason to put it in my first aid kit!

9. Help heal minor cuts

Some people call witch hazel “Nature's Neosporin.” Applying a dab of it on a minor cut will cleanse, protect against infection, and encourage quicker healing.

10. Soothe external hemorrhoids

Witch hazel
 can be combined with aloe, glycerin or petroleum jelly and rubbed on external hemorrhoids for a DIY hemorrhoid cream. It will reduce the itching and dry up most bleeding. Witch hazel is a major ingredient in Preparation H.

11. Reduce the itch of bug bites

Witch hazel has great anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties. Using a little on a child's mosquito bite (or your own) should help reduce that tendency to scratch.