Extreme Couponing Tip: Use Competitor Coupons at Checkout

If you shop at Price Chopper, Publix, or Walmart, you can save extra money by using competitor coupons! Read below to find out their guidelines and rules.

Price Chopper

  • Price Chopper will only accept competitor coupons based on marketing area.
  • The competitor coupons must be paper coupons (not digital) that are for the exact size and quantity merchandise, and the coupons must be limited to cents off, dollars off and percentage off an order.
  • Restrictions: They do not accept loyalty coupons earned on a competitor’s loyalty card. Competitor coupons may not be combined with Price Chopper Store coupons or manufacturer coupons on the same product purchase.


  • Publix accepts coupons from nearby competitors identified by each Publix store (competitor names are posted at each Publix store).
  • They will accept a manufacturer coupon and either a Publix or a competitor coupon on the same item.
  • Dollars-off-total-order coupons will be limited to one Publix and one competitor coupon per order.
  • All coupons must be for identical merchandise listed.
  • Restrictions: Percent-off-items or percent-off-total-order coupons are not accepted.


  • Competitor coupons must be for a specific item for a specified price (i.e. Colgate Total toothpaste, 6oz for $2.99).
  • Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons for items with a specified price are acceptable.
  • All coupons must have a valid expiration date.
  • Walmart only accepts one coupon per item, so you may not combine a competitor coupon with a manufacturer coupon.