I don't know about you, but about a week after school is let out for the summer, my kids begin chiming in with the famous summer break chorus, "I'm bored." After nine months in school, you would think they'd have lists of things they planned on doing once they were free! The good news? They probably do! They just need your help remembering what they were! Implement this easy idea, and you’ll be well on your way to a bored-free summer!

In order to record your kid's ideas and favorite activities for your bored jar, you will need the following materials:

  • A large jar (A recycled spaghetti sauce jar will do the trick.)
  • Small or large width Popsicle sticks

Sit down with your kids and brainstorm 50-100 things they enjoy doing, and write each idea on a separate Popsicle stick. Some examples from our family jar are:

  • Put together a puzzle
  • Draw a picture for Grandma and Grandpa and put it in the mail for them
  • Finger Paint
  • Play with Play dough
  • Play a board game with everyone in the house

After all of your (and your child's) ideas are written down on the sticks, place them in the jar. I got crafty and made a cute "I'm Bored" sign and put it on our jar so my kids know what it is.

Each time your child comes to you saying "I'm Bored," direct them to the Bored Jar to draw a stick for something to do. The only rule? They must do what is written on the stick and so must everyone else (if more than one person is required to perform the activity). For example, if my daughter draws the "Play a board game with everyone in the house" stick, everyone in the house must play the board game.

Feel free to add more sticks to the jar as you come up with more ideas! The more the merrier (and less bored) your children will be!

This has been a guest post by Hillary from Lansing, MI
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