Extreme Couponing Tip: Save Money During Slow Ad Weeks

Ever open up the ads for the week and find that hardly anything you need or want is on sale? So what’s a Krazy Couponer to do?

Supermarket or No-Frills

Usually the best deals are at high-end grocery stores during promotions, but sometimes the stars just don’t align! And when you still are in need of some products, this is the time to head to a no-frills store or supercenter for items such as fresh protein, dairy, and produce. These often have lower everyday prices on most items. When possible, pair purchases with a coupon or look into generics to fulfill your needs.

Stockpile Advantage

A basic tenet of Krazy Couponing is building and maintaining a stockpile. When sales are low, it’s time to utilize your stockpile! Plan meals around what you have on hand, especially those that are expiring soon or you have a lot of. Use frozen meat or eggs for protein and canned or frozen fruits and veggies to tide you over until the next great sale.