Remember when it used to be such a challenge and so expensive to be a vegetarian or vegan? Although some hurdles remain (don't get me started on the lack of vegetarian slices at the pizza place nearest to me!), a wide variety of products and services are making it a lot easier. For instance, I've found several mobile apps that will enhance your veggie lifestyle — and save you money.


Every year, the average American family wastes about 470 pounds of food, which is equivalent to about $600. Fruits and vegetables account for a lot of this waste, especially if you buy them too ripe and don't eat them right away. One way to whittle down this waste is to take the Harvest App along with you when you're shopping. This app helps you to figure out how to choose the healthiest and freshest produce, such as knowing which ones to squeeze to test for ripeness (such as avocado) and which ones to check for color (such as peaches). The Harvest App is available on iTunes for $1.99.

Soleil Organics

Ever wondered whether it's worth buying the organic variety of certain fruits, vegetables or grains? As you know, organic foods can often be more expensive, preventing many savvy savers from enjoying them. But, you don't need to swear off organic foods altogether to keep your grocery bill low; just be more selective. Certain crops, such as asparagus and mango are rarely treated with pesticides. Soleil Organics app will help you figure out which products are most exposed to pesticides (such as peaches and celery) so you can make only these your organic choices. It's a much more budget-friendly option than trying to eat only organics. Get the app at iTunes for $0.99.

Vegan Recipes

Never pay for a vegan cookbook again! No single website or cookbook packs the volume of dishes that Vegan Recipes for Android does. Currently, this app allows you to search about one million recipes that are free of animal products. Download it for only $1.99.

GotoVeggie Restaurant Guide

Not in the mood for cooking? Using GPS, the gotoVeggie Restaurant Guide Android app lets vegans and vegetarians find nearby restaurants, as well as showcases current coupons and promotions available. Plus, it supports several social networks, such as Facebook, so you can share your finds with friends and fans alike. To top it off, this app is free.


Locavore for Apple or Android uses GPS to help you find out which crops out of 234 fruits and vegetables are in season in your area, with data from all 50 states. This free app helps you find nearby farmers' markets where you can buy locally grown produce and also provides seasonal recipes.

This has been a guest post by Andrea from Ontario, Canada
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