Over the last several months we’ve seen several different programs that help us take control of our financial and personal lives. One of those—Credit Sesame is a 100% free personal finance, credit, and debt management tool. When you sign up for this offer, there is no credit card required or trial period. It is free for as long as you wish to use the service. Credit Sesame makes managing your personal credit easy. This program will give you an instant view of your credit, your Experian credit score, and debt analysis with personalized offers tailored to your profile.

After using this program over the last few months, I have discovered a few different features that I like and dislike about the program.


  • Signup is fast and easy. I was able to do so in less than 10 minutes.
  • I liked being able to instantly view my credit score from Experian for FREE! I have paid as much as $14.95 for credit reports, so this is a great freebie.
  • The "What if" device allowed me to see what my financial life would be like if I had a better credit score. This is a great tool for setting financial goals!
  • Multiple household members can sign up for this service. There is not a limit to one offer per household.


  • I did not like that the credit reports are limited to only Experian. Accessing reports of multiple agencies gives a more accurate financial picture.
  • The financial advice offered on the site is limited. You may need to further consult a financial adviser to answer other questions you may have. This may cost additional.
  • The site did not show my real time credit balance. These numbers may be as much as 30 days off, based on when your credit card companies report their numbers.

It is worth taking a look at Credit Sesame if you wish to improve your finances and save money while doing so. You are under no obligation to stay a member if it does not meet your needs and can cancel at any time.  Have you used Credit Sesame? What did you think?